AG produces high quality Mulches for many applications, including residential, Caltrans, commercial or specialty landscapes. We use only clean arborist trimmings feedstock to maintain a high standard. Contact us for a sample of the material of your choice.

  • Nutra Mulch® 0"-3"
  • Nutra Mulch® Double Grind 1"
  • Premium Forest Top Dressing 2"
  • Dark Forest Mulch 2"
  • Forest Blend 0"-2"
  • Sequoia Blend 0"-2"
  • California Walk On 2" or 3"
  • Woodland Top Dressing® 2"
  • Dyed Wood Chips 2"
  • Deco Bark Nuggets
  • Fir Walk On

Soil Amendments, Planter Mix & Seed Topper

We use the same high standards to make our Compost, Planter Mix, Veggie Mix and Seed Toppers as our Mulches. Ranging in particle size from 1/4″ to 3/4″, we are sure we have the Soil Amendments for your project. Contact us for a sample of the material you are interested in.

  • NFS Compost
  • OrganaGro® Compost
  • Premium Forest® Compost
  • Fortified Redwood Compost
  • OrganaGro® Potting Mix
  • Veggie Mix
  • OrganaGro® Seed Topper
  • AllSport Seed Topper

Playground Material

AG Blower Truck Services uses Certified PlaySafe® playground chip, PlaySafe® playground sand and rubber playground mulch. These material were developed for play areas to help absorb fall impacts. Installs is fast and easy with very little clean up.

  • Tested & Complies with the consumer product safety commissions standards (CPSC)
  • Tested & approved under IPEMA / ASTM standard 1299 and F2075 requirements
  • Comprised of virgin softwoods & hardwoods screened containing 10-20% fine

Pumpable Soil Mixes and Aggregate

AG produces many types of pumpable soils. From Bioswale/ Retention Soil, Rooftop Soils, Spec. Light Weight Soils and Potting Mixes. If you have an Engineered designed soil, we can blend it for you with ease. We even have the ability to pump DG’s and 3/8″ aggregate to those hard to reach areas.

  • Custom Pumpable Soil Mixes
  • Light Weight / Rooftop Soils
  • Pumpable Podium Soils
  • 3/8" Pea Gravel
  • 3/8" Crushed Drainage Rock
  • PlaySafe® Playground Sand
  • Beach Sand
  • Bunker Sand
  • Premium White Bunker Sand

Contact AG for a free quote and material samples.

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